About Us

Office of Institutional Research (OIR)


To counsel the college’s academic and administrative leadership on matters related to strategic planning, assessment, and institutional effectiveness.


To be a trusted provider of timely, high-quality, accessible information and analysis for informed decision-making at all levels of the college. The OIR accomplishes this by:

  • Establishing collaborative partnership with all constituencies of the college, in which ongoing communications enhance the mission of the college.

  • Ensuring that high-quality institutional data is readily available and meaningfully conveyed to appropriate stakeholders.

  • Fostering an environment where members of the college embrace a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement.


Institutional Effectiveness. Establish and maintain a multi-level institutional effectiveness system that promotes intentionality and deliberate improvement.

Strategic Planning Support. Support strategic planning efforts through metrics development, measurement, communication of progress, and forecasting.

Decision Support & Internal Data Requests. Develop a culture that relies on evidence-based decision-making.

External Reporting & Accountability. Achieve high compliance with regulatory and other external reporting requirements.

Data Management. Ensure data quality and availability.

Research. Conduct research to support significant institutional priorities.