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Three Rivers Emeriti

For several hundred years colleges and universities have recognized a select group of retired faculty and staff with the title “EMERITUS” honoring their professional contributions to their institutions and their field of endeavor. Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) and the two colleges which were united to form TRCC—Thames Valley State Technical College (TVSTC) and Mohegan Community College (MOCC)—have all continued this important tradition.

The EMERITUS honor requires a minimum of 15 years professional service to the College, nomination and election by college peers, and approval by the President and Board of Trustees. Three Rivers is particularly proud of its EMERITI since they include many of the individuals who literally founded and built the technical college and community college movements in southeastern Connecticut and assisted in merging these institutions into the strong Community / Technical College system we enjoyed today.

 Three Rivers is proud to dedicate this portion of its website to recognize the following EMERITI honored by TRCC, TVSTC, and MOCC to date. Each name is also a link to pictures and other information about each honored individual.

Distinguished Honorees
Dr. Howell Aarons Marcia N. Fix Louis Mercuri, Jr.
Gary S. Adams Gerald S. Gazso Raquel Nasser
James Altieri Robert S. Golart Harry Ogden
Joseph S. Anderson, Jr. Alan R. Gruber Joyce Parker
Herbert L. Arnold, Jr. Kathryn Gundersen Elaine Pelliccio
Karen Aubin Stanley Harasimowitz John Perch
Dr. Marilyn Barber Dr. Frederick Hartung Richard Picard
John Peter BasingerJoseph Higgins Dr. Robert Rue
Dr. Richard BenoitDavid Holdridge Dr. Nancy Rymut
Clifford Bentsen Dr. Linda S. Jacobsen Richard Saxton
Mary BrowningDr. Mary L. Kao Barbara Segal
Frederick K. Casavant Carol Kaszubski Dr. Wayne Silver
Marilee Cohen William "Kirk" KirkPatrick Brian W. Simpson
James A. Coleman Mary LaMattina Judy Snayd
Linda Crootof Robert Lantz Carl Swartz
Dr. Booker T. DeVaughn Madge Manfred Linda Tremer
M. Theresa Dezso Arestides K. Manthous Lucia E. Tronco
Judy Donnelly Nancy Marcy Linda B. Waitkus
Charles Doyle Alexander Markons Donald Welter
Barbara A Driscoll Barbara Maurice Timothy Wentzell
Walter Engel Brent Maynard Karen F. Westerberg
Charles R. Ennis Angela McLean James L. Wright
Terry J. Enos Dr. John J. McLean Roland W. Wright
  Tina Mendeloff Janet Zito