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Equity and Diversity at Three Rivers Community College

Notice of Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Policy

Three Rivers Community College, through its Affirmative Action programs, is endeavoring to redress discrimination against all protected groups.  The College is directing its efforts to ensure that recruitment practices, working conditions, and promotional opportunities are consistent with its program to assure full justice in employment.   That is, Three Rivers protects present and future students, faculty, and staff from discrimination based on race, color, sex, religious creed, marital status, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, intellectual disability, past or present history of mental disability, learning disability, physical disability, age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and transgender status. 

The College’s protections also extend to veteran status or criminal record, unless the provisions of sections 46a-60(b), 46a-80(b), or 46a-81(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes are controlling, or if there is a bona fide occupational qualification foregoing.  Discrimination on the basis of sex shall include sexual harassment as defined in section 46a-60(8) of Connecticut General Statutes.  Although it is recognized that there are bona fide occupational qualifications that provide for exception from employment prohibitions, it is understood these exceptions are to be applied pursuant to Section 46a-68-33 of the administrative regulations. 

Any student or staff person having a question or complaint pertaining to equal education and employment opportunity can take the following steps:


  • Make use of the College’s Affirmative Action grievance procedures which are described in the Affirmative Action Plan and on the Grievance Procedure page. The Affirmative Action Plan is available in the College library’s reserved reading area, on the College’s intranet, and on the Affirmative Action Plan page.

  • Contact the State of Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) at 25 Sigourney Street, Hartford, CT 06106, or by telephone at (860) 541-3400).

  • Contact the Boston office of the United States Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), John Fitzgerald Kennedy Building, 475 Government Center, Room 409B, Boston, MA 02203, or by telephone at (800) 669-4000 or (800) 669-6820.