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Transfer to Three Rivers Community College

Students wishing to transfer to Three Rivers Community College from other colleges are encouraged to do so. See How to Enroll for specific instructions about getting started.

Transfer credit is accepted from all regionally accredited colleges and schools. Regional accreditation includes Middle States, New England, North Central, Southern, and the Northwest and Western Associations of Schools and Colleges. Transfer credit may also be awarded for non-collegiate courses that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), the National program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI) or Charter Oak State College. Non-collegiate courses include military credit and many training programs in the workplace. Proficiency exams, including CLEP, DSST and AP exams, can also be transferred for credit.

Eligibility for Transfer Credit Evaluation

Students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program and be registered for courses to be eligible for an official evaluation. Academic advisors and counselors will advise students and help them pick courses that will not duplicate their previously earned transfer credit. Students typically receive their official evaluations in their first semester at Three Rivers Community College.

Required Documents

Official transcripts from every college attended must be sent to the Registrars Office. CLEP, DSST, and AP official exam scores must also be submitted to the Registrars Office, even if this credit has been recorded on another transcript. Military records and transcripts must also be sent directly to the college.

CLEP, DSST and AP Exam Equivalencies


All inquiries regarding sending official college transcripts to Three Rivers Community College should be addressed to:

Three Rivers Community College
Attn: Transcripts
Registrar’s Office – Room A115
574 New London Turnpike
Norwich, CT 06360

Phone: (860)215-9064
Fax: (860)215-9919

Transferring to a Four-Year College or University

Our transfer programs give students the opportunity to start college at Three Rivers and finish at a four-year college. Agreements with the state university system and with other four-year colleges make the transfer to a four-year school a smooth transition. Many students, with their academic advisor, plan for eventual transfer to a four-year school from their very first semester at Three Rivers. Advisors and counselors have lists of course-to-course equivalencies and program-to-program articulations to help students select courses that will apply to their four-year degrees at specific colleges and universities.

Course Equivalency Guides:

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU)

  • CSCU’s Transfer Ticket are new degree programs providing pathway for community college students to complete degree programs that transfer to Connecticut State Universities (Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western) and Charter Oak State College without losing any credits or being required to take extra credits in order to complete a bachelor’s degree in that same discipline. You will be able to transfer, apply to competitive admissions majors, and complete your BA/BS degree in the same time and with the same course requirements as students who start at a CSU or COSC.
    The Transfer Tickets taking effect in the Fall 2016 are:
    • Biology Studies
    • Chemistry Studies
    • Communication Studies
    • Criminology Studies
    • English Studies
    • History Studies
    • Mathematics Studies
    • Political Science Studies
    • Psychology Studies
    • Social Work Studies
    • Sociology Studies

    Please visit for details
  • CSCU's Dual Admission is for community college students planning to enroll at a Connecticut State University after completing an associate's degree. The following link to the CSCU website contains detailed information about the program: Dual Admission

Transfer Opportunities

Three Rivers Community College offers many opportunities for students to transfer into Bachelor’s level programs and degrees. These options include guaranteed admission programs with several public and private colleges and universities in Connecticut.

TRCC Transcript Request - eTranscript

Three Rivers Community College now offers the ability to obtain official transcripts in an electronic format (eTranscript). Current and former students will be able to request official eTranscripts to be sent to other educational institutions, potential employers, or any other appropriate entities. Transcript Request Information

All inquiries regarding transcript requests should be addressed to:

Three Rivers Community College
Attn: Transcripts
Registrar’s Office – Room A115
574 New London Turnpike
Norwich, CT 06360

Phone: (860)215-9064
Fax: (860)215-9919

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